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Sparwood crews getting ready to finish up Centennial Plaza

Crews with the District of Sparwood are waiting for spring to roll around to get back to work on the Centennial Plaza Revitalization project.

Sparwood officials said the project was largely funded through grants and donations and will provide a central gathering space and a venue for various events and activities.

Construction will start with the installation of temporary light fixtures, which the district expects to be set up in the coming weeks.

“Mobilization of equipment will occur in early May and noticeable progress will be seen with the completion of paving, landscaping and outdoor furnishings being put into place,” said Sparwood officials.

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The space is designed to be accessible for all seasons, with a focus on features complementing the natural landscape.

“We look forward to the completion of the project this year,” says Sparwood Mayor David Wilks. “We understand the angst from business owners and the public. We were hoping to have this project finished in 2022 and that did not happen.”

Mayor Wilks said provisions have been made for some parking in the area.

“Angle parking will continue to be provided in front of most businesses up to Majic Purdy Law Office,” said Wilks. “The safety fencing that is in place around the project has made it more difficult to provide well-outlined parking spaces. When the safety fencing is removed, it will provide more room for angle parking.”

Work will continue through the summer, with shade structure, fire pit, trees, shrubs and seating getting put into place.

Once work is finished, the district will hold a grand opening celebration upon completion of the new Centennial Plaza.

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