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Community Connections Society ready to operate Cranbrook’s permanent shelter

After the announcement of the permanent shelter in Cranbrook, the Community Connections Society is getting ready to take on operations.

Once it’s completed, the building will have 40 beds and a few other amenities.

“The space right next to our main offices will be renovated,” said Nancy Reid, Executive Director. “There’s also going to be a kitchen, a common space, an elder space and an outdoor fenced area.”

There will be an internal overdose prevention space at the shelter.

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“That’s something that can only be utilized by shelter residents, not the community at large,” said Reid. “It’s a room that staff can monitor where if someone is going to use, they can do so safely.”

The room will be staffed and fully equipped to make sure accidental overdoses or drug poisonings can get a quick response.

Ried said the shelter will help make sure people have a safe place to stay.

“Housing is a problem in Cranbrook. It’s not that easy to find for anyone, let alone someone who has barriers to finding housing,” explained Reid.

Reid said the shelter will likely get a lot of use, as the Travelodge has been reaching capacity on many nights.

“We know the need is a reality. In one year, the Travelodge housed 200 unique individuals – so there are that many people in and around Cranbrook who needed shelter services,” said Reid. “The shelter is just a start to meet the housing needs we have in our community.”

Community Connections will be in charge of running the shelter once it’s up and running.

“We will manage and hire the staff, make sure the community around stays good with the service we are providing. We’ll make sure we have relationships with people around the shelter, so if they have any concerns, they know where to bring them,” said Reid.

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