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City pays for completion of Wildstone development leak repairs

Just over $100,000 was moved to finish paying for repairs on the pressure-reducing valve at the entrance of the Wildstone Golf Course.

The funding covers a discrepancy in the initial budget that was overlooked.

“While we did carry a contingency for this project in the Water Capitol Fund, we did run into some additional engineering costs that were required in making sure everything was good for the foundation,” said Curtis Mummery, Manager of Roads and Infrastructure.

City officials said the $107,956.21 also includes the amount missing for electrical and engineering work.

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“This total finishes off those items for the year,” explained Mummery.

The engineering costs grew beyond what Cranbrook staff initially anticipated because more in-depth geotechnical reporting for the new building foundation was needed.

“This was necessary to ensure the building foundation was sized and prepared properly so the building will perform in the long term,” said officials. “Additional engineering was also required to certify the work on the high-pressure trunk main, this was for the safety of all the workers onsite as well as the integrity of the water main itself.”

Staff note that this additional engineering was needed to allow workers to get to the excavation site and complete the job.

Up to this point, just over $900,000 has been invested in the project.

Mummery said this discrepancy was a unique situation.

“This was a little bit of a circumstance of the times. COVID has something to do with the increased cost and the initial report we had done did not encompass some of the things we had to do to complete the work,” explained Mummery.

The situation has led the department to rethink its budget planning.

“In the future, council is going to see a lot more design budgets followed by construction budgets,” said Mummery. “That’s to allow us to do more in-depth, detailed design and secure better cost estimates and reduce the risk of things like this happening in the future.”

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