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Students and Cranbrook Public Works honours ‘Grandmother Tree’

A 105-year-old cottonwood tree near St. Marys Catholic School will live on after it was cut down last fall.

City of Cranbrook officials said they made the decision to remove the tree, as its health began to decline and it posed a public safety concern.

“This tree, lovingly nicknamed the ‘Grandmother Tree’ by the students, was an important place for students of St. Mary’s to gather and learn about the importance of nature, of trees, animals, water and the land,” said city staff.

Public Works honoured the impact the cottonwood had for students and used parts of the tree to build an outdoor classroom space.

“Many thanks to the students of St. Mary’s for your kind letters sharing your gratitude with us,” said city officials. “Even though the ‘Grandmother Tree’ no longer stands in this place, her physical presence still lingers and the community is welcome to continue to visit this special place.”

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