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Local wins BC Boxing Official of the year

The coach of the Cranbrook Eagles came away from the provincial championships with the John Skanks Official of the Year award.

Tom White said he wasn’t completely sure why he got it but it was nice to receive.

“I think it just comes down to travelling and officiating and I think maybe doing a good job in the ring and keeping our boxers safe,” he said.

White started boxing in Cranbrook when he was 10 years old. He left Cranbrook for a bit but came back and decided he should carry on the club.

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“I just felt that it was my duty to see the club go on, I know what it did for me as a kid and gave me direction, and goal-setting and kept me on the straight and narrow,” the pugilist coach added.

“I felt indebted to the boxing club and the people in the past.”

He said the club is doing really well.

“We have waiting lists in each and every class. We’re jammed packed and we’ve got a stable of kids. It’s amazing all the kids are doing such a good job.”

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