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Cranbrook’s Shannon Fisher earns Medal of Good Citizenship

Cranbrook business owner and humanitarian Shannon Fisher has been awarded a Medal of Good Citizenship by the B.C. government.

“When I got called and told I won this, I was shocked,” said Fisher. “We’ve just tried to be good citizens and decent human beings for the last few years and help out where we could help out and support people who are struggling.”

When wildfires and floods struck the region, Fisher helped organize efforts to keep livestock safe.

“We were just proactive as far as setting up places to move animals to and helping them get there and supplying water and feed or whatever. It was just one less thing people had to worry about,” explained Fisher. “We sort of spearheaded it, but the community took it on. It was incredible.”

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The B.C. government said Fisher has gone above and beyond to support her staff at Top Crop Garden, Farm & Pet.

“She has lent money to staff for vet bills, so they can avoid interest charges,” said B.C. Government officials. “She has made available company equipment so staff can help elderly neighbours. And Shannon has offered jobs to people who desperately needed them, even if she didn’t have work available.”

She has also made efforts to support seasonal workers from Mexico.

“Most of her workers have been returning to the Top Crop Farm for several years. Shannon pays them more than minimum wage, provides a home with full amenities, a truck to use, and takes them to local events to experience the community while they are in Canada,” said the province.

Recently, Fisher has organized efforts to mobilize the business community and secure more resources to help keep the community safe.

“I realized we couldn’t be the only ones who were struggling with the break-and-enters, so I put it out there to the business community and got a bunch of business owners together and asked how can we address this, help each other and help our community,” said Fisher. “The business community needs help, the community needs help, and the

Fisher was born and raised in Kimberley, she has since lived in Cranbrook and owned Top Crop for more than 30 years.

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