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Kimberley’s Quarterly Economic Report Shows Positive Trends

The City of Kimberley has seen an upswing in its development in 2019, and City Council is enthusiastic about the future of its economy.

According to Kimberley’s third-quarter economic development report, a lot of building has been done to support a bright future for residents.

“What’s really encouraging, is that we’re getting commercial, and light industrial permits that are going through,” Mayor Don McCormick said. “We’ve got business infrastructure, which means jobs, and it means incremental business for our retail community.”

An increase in commercial and industrial investment has been highlighted by more than doubling the money spent on building permits for 2018.

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“The $27 million that we have in building permits is a very broad-based investment in the community,” said McCormick. “It’s showing a lot of confidence, and with confidence comes more people that want to live in the community.”

In recent years, the City has made significant and steady population growth, from 7,425  in 2016, to 8,025 in 2019.

“Our populations are running anywhere from about 1.5 to 2.5% per year,” said Mayor Don McCormick. “It’s the kind of growth, along with the investment that’s happening, that is really sustainable.”

McCormick added that he is excited to see what the future has in store for Kimberley.

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