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‘Tainted right from the get go’: Local MLA’s critical of new premier

Both of our local MLA’s are not happy with how David Eby became the province’s newest premier, but they are also wishing John Horgan the best after stepping down.

Kootenay-East MLA Tom Shypitka says the NDP went against what their party stands for to get Eby into the premier’s seat.

“I’m not sure you could call it a race for leadership. David Eby is in the unfortunate position right now that he’s tainted right from the get-go,” Shpitka said.

“The NDP is supposed to stand for the New Democratic Party and I think the process of selecting the next premier of this province was a lot less than democratic.”

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Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA Doug Clovechok echoed similar sentiments.

“There wasn’t really an election he was ordained more than he was elected and I think the NDP’s process of doing that was very tainted,” he said.

“He’s coming in as a leader who wasn’t elected by his peers or by his constituents.”

Clovechok was also critical of Eby’s housing plan announced recently, wondering where this plan was over the past few years and why it is just being announced now that he’s premier.

“He’s been the housing minister for basically the last few years and whether he just had an epiphany or not, I don’t know what he’s been doing as the housing minister. He hasn’t been doing a whole lot and all of a sudden he has this whole plan.”

While they didn’t always agree on politics both MLA’s had kind words to say to John Horgan after he stepped down.

“John Horgan in my opinion was probably the best asset the NDP had,” said Shypitka. “He’s the kind of a guy that you could probably have a beer with, he’s got those optics. David Eby isn’t that person.”

“I have nothing but respect for the man,” said Clovechok.

“I shook his hand the other night and wished him well and hoped that his health improved. He’s a decent human being he truly is, we just didn’t necessarily agree politically on many things.”

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