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Morrison displeased with Liberals’ fall economic statement 

Our local MP is unhappy with the Liberal government’s plan of spending more new money while projecting a deficit of $36.4 billion in 2022-23.

Kootenay-Columbia MP Rob Morrison said this will just lead to more money coming out of the public’s pockets.

“You’re tripling carbon tax, inflation is going up and interest rates are going up,” he said.

“Just stop it. No more taxes. They are spending more money in this update. It’s new money that we don’t have.”

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He said the government needs to focus on the business sector and take taxes from there.

“We asked them to just stop spending new money and focus on getting our business sectors back up and running,” Morrison said.

“If we don’t have corporate tax we can’t start paying that off.”

Morrison also said there needs to be more accountability on what taxes are being used for, specifically singling out the carbon tax.

“Where is that money going? If it was going to our energy sectors to produce cleaner, better and more efficient energy and also into the development of greener energy then fair enough, but I don’t see that at all.”

He added a number of things do need the funding, but printing money to fund new projects will just increase the risk of a recession.

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