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Canadian Rockies International Airport to add six EV charging stations

The City of Cranbrook has agreed to a memorandum of understanding with the Community Energy Association that would see six electric vehicle charging stations be purchased and installed at the airport .

Airport manager Tristen Chernove said they already have much of the infrastructure in place.

“Currently, we have located five block heater plug-ins at the airport,” he told city council.

“So a lot of the electrical infrastructure is already there. Those block heater plug-ins will be removed and that will be the main banking for the electric vehicle charging.

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There will be two DC Fast Chargers for quick use and four level two chargers which are slower.

“The intent is not for these parking spaces to be where vehicles get parked and left,” he said.

“How do we police that? It will be determined by how much we see people adhering to the instructions that are there. We have quite good compliance at the airport and I hope to see that continue in the future.”

CEA will pay for half of the costs leaving the city on the hook for up to $100,000.


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