Lee Pratt reflects on time as mayor.

Cranbrook Mayor Lee Pratt. (Supplied by Bird Marketing Group Inc.)

After eight years in office, Lee Pratt’s time as mayor is coming to a close after losing the seat to Wayne Price.

Pratt said he believes he fulfilled his promises made in his first campaign.

“In 2014 when I ran, I promised three things, financial responsibility, fix the roads and infrastructure and create economic activity,” he said.

“I delivered on all three of them with the help of my council and support of them.”

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“We did a great job. The eight years I put into it I’m very proud of what was accomplished.”

Pratt said even the pandemic didn’t stop council from getting stuff done.

“We had record-breaking building permits in 20220 and 2021 and that was work that had been put in place in 2017-18. It came to fruition and got us through COVID-19.”

Pratt was disappointed in the results of the election but wishes mayor-elect Price the best.

“The people have spoken, they wanted change. I guess whatever they want to happen that’s different, it might happen it might not, good luck,” he added.

“I wish Wayne Price all the success. He’s got four years to show what he can do and I hope that he and the council can continue the successful performance that we’ve had.”

Pratt had 1,758 votes compared to Price’s 2,721.