Wayne Price elected as Cranbrook’s mayor

(Photo by Josiah Spyker, Vista Radio)

Cranbrook has a new mayor as Wayne Price has won the seat over incumbent Lee Pratt.

“I’m very, very proud to be Cranbrook’s new mayor and looking forward to serving for the next four years,” said Price.

He said one of the top priorities will be homelessness and crime in the community.

I want to strike a working group to start dealing with some of the major issues, the homelessness and the crime,” he added.

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“We’re in a time of crisis and I’ve got a strong background in emergency management. I’m not going to solve this, but I think I can sit at the top and provide some good oversight.”

He also said the city’s relationship with the province has been strained.

“It’s been tarnished over the last little while,” he added.

“There’s damage done between Cranbrook and the province. One of my top priorities over the next two months is to reestablish that positive relation.”

Price had this to say about his opponent.

Lee called me and congratulated me. I have a lot of respect for Lee, we’ve known each other all our lives,” said Price.

“He’s a Cranbrook guy who’s been committed to the city. I truly believe Lee Pratt wants the best thing for Cranbrook as I do. Both of us had the same goals It’s just how we’re getting there. I think Lee has a different view of how to get there than I do and that was the difference probably in this election.”

Price had 2721 votes while Pratt had 1758. The City of Cranbrook said a total of 4479 ballots were cast.