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Local MLAs welcome proposed party name change

The MLAs from Kootenay East and Columbia River-Revelstoke welcome the BC Liberal Party’s proposed name change to BC United.

BC Liberal party officials said the name was chosen out of more than 2,000 options.

“Under Kevin Falcon we’ve become more of an inclusive party, there’s a home for everybody, no matter who you are,” said Doug Clovechok, Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA. “What this new name really reflects for me, is that when you unite people, you don’t have to unite behind a party, you unite behind values and principals and the things you believe in.”

“We’re a big-tent party. We try to incorporate everything on the political spectrum from the centre to the right,” said Kootenay East MLA Tom Shypitka. “I think for the most part that works really well, but we need a name that represents what we’re trying to accomplish.”

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Part of the reason behind the BC Liberals’ proposed name change was to remove any confusion that they might have any affiliation to the federal Liberal Party.

“The federal Liberals are not the BC Liberals, we have nothing to do with the federal Liberals,” said Clovechok. “I think having BC in the name, and uniting those with similar values and beliefs is a great idea.”

Shypitka noted that he has questioned the party’s name since he got into provincial politics.

“Back in 2017 when I was first elected, I asked what was with the name,” said Shypitka. “My argument was that it’s not representative of what the party is. It’s misleading and it’s not fair to federal Liberals and federal Conservatives because it’s just misrepresentative of what the name should be.”

The name change is not final yet, and party members will still need to vote on their acceptance, and it will still need to be adopted.

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