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Cranbrook councilor has eyes on mayor’s seat

Cranbrook city council member Wayne Price has his sights set on the mayor’s seat in the 2022 general local election.

Price, formerly Cranbrook’s fire chief, said he will bring change to the city council if elected.

“I feel that there’s more inclusivity and transparency required between mayor and council, and between the mayor’s office and the community,” said Price. “Secondly, I believe some kind of action on the local level to deal with the social issues we’re having in the community right now.”

Price said while issues regarding homelessness and crime are a provincial responsibility, the city still needs to take some action on its own.

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“Blaming the province is not going to bring any solutions whatsoever to the problems we’re having,” said Price. “There are things we can do at the local level that can reduce the impact on businesses and members of the community.”

If elected, Price hopes to form an ‘action group’ meant to take a look at the social issues faced by Cranbrook.

“I think this group would have to get together to develop an action plan in order to deal with the social issues,” said Price. “People are angry, they feel unsafe and really unsettled right now. They’re looking for help, they’re looking for solutions. They’re looking to government and leaders in the community to help and find some solutions.”

Price feels he will be a good fit for Cranbrook’s mayor because he believes he has relevant experience for the role.

“I believe I’ll bring a 360 collaborative approach to the decision-making process,” said Price. “I have an extensive background in finding action-based solutions to problems. I think I’m the right person for the times and the problems we’re having in the community.”

Price is sunning against incumbent Lee Pratt for the role as Cranbrook’s mayor.

General voting day is set for October 15th.

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