Elkford councillor looking to move up to mayor’s seat

(Supplied by District of Elkford)

An Elkford district councillor is looking to win the mayor’s seat, a spot that hasn’t had a new candidate in a while.

Mayor Dean McKerracher has decided to not run again which will mean there will be a new mayor for the first time in 17 years.

Councillor Steve Fairbairn is hoping he will be the guy to fill it.

He said the biggest issue the community is facing is housing.

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“We have a housing shortage. Creating homes, and getting people in to build homes for families to move to Elkford is a massively important issue.”

Fairbairn is a former union president and said that experience would be an asset in public office.

“I’m well experienced in grievances and the rolls of collective agreements and negotiations and finding solutions everyone can live with,” he added.

“I feel I owe it to the district and to the leadership team in the District of Elkford to use that knowledge and experience moving forward into the future.”

If elected, he said there are a few things that are top priority for council.

“We’re going to jump in and move on with the downtown revitalization process, we’re going to move on addressing issues of housing and drawing new residents into town and continue on with the issues of health care and ambulance care.”

Fairbairn will be running against councillor Mandy McGregor for the mayor’s spot.

The municipal election is set for Oct. 15.