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Former councillor running for Sparwood mayor

A Sparwood resident who’s spent 12 years on city council over the years is taking a run for mayor.

Hungry (Harold) Baytaluke has been a Sparwood resident since 1969 and said you need to do your part if you want change and he has the experience to do it.

“Because of my experience and ongoing involvement in the community, I feel if you want change you need to commit the energy and effort to be a part of that change and get involved,” he said.

He said being an open book is important to voters.

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“Being open-minded and committed to being transparent and accountable to the citizens of Sparwood with the town’s best interest kept at the forefront without any personal agendas.”

“I just want to help out and do my part and take the advice of the public,” he added.

If elected he said the first priority will be getting to know the other elected officials.

“One of the big things off the bat is obviously getting to know the other elected members and their concerns, with the goal of establishing a working relationship of mutual respect,” he said.

Baytaluke also added that he wants to see more people get out and vote.

“We want to see a better turnout for this election. I think it was a provincial average of 33 per cent last go around.”

Baytaluke will be running against incumbent David Wilks.

Voters will head to the polls on Oct. 15.





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