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Cranbrook Mayor seeking a third term in office

Cranbrook’s incumbent Mayor Lee Pratt is looking to get a third term in office, as he feels there is more work for him to do in the role.

Pratt has been the community’s mayor for eight years, after initially running on a mandate to fix roads, curb unnecessary spending and implement a responsible approach to managing the city’s financial affairs.

“I feel like I’ve delivered on all three things I’ve promised, but there’s still some work to do on it,” said Pratt. “I want to build on the momentim that’s been created now and is still going on. I’d like to continue down that path and bring more of it to fruition.”

Pratt feel homelessness and crime are among the biggest problems faced by the community.

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“Just recently at the UBCM, I’ve been talking to the province about possibly setting up one of the complex care centres in Cranbrook. So, when we do finally get the affordable housing looked after and people are there, we can give people the support they need to get off drugs, if they’re addicted. Or, if they’re mentally challenged and need proper supervision and medication, we can give them support to do that,” said Pratt.

If re-elected, Pratt hopes to focus on building more housing, particularly affordable housing.

“We need housing so we can bring industry here and have places for their employees to live,” said Pratt. “If you don’t do development and be progressive, your city is going to fail. Things are getting expensive and if you’re going to maintain the level of service you preovide to your residents, you’re going to need to increase your tax base. I’m not talking about raising taxes, im talking about increasing the tax base so yuo can maintaine a reasonable tax level and still provide the services your residents deserve.”

Pratt is running against city council member Wayne Price for the position as Cranbrook’s mayor.

Voting day for the 2022 General Local Election is set for Oct. 15.

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