Nomination deadline ends for municipal election

Vote stock image (supplied by Pixabay)

The period where candidates can submit their nomination to run for mayor, council, regional district or school trustee has come to an end.

The deadline for candidates to withdraw is Sept. 16.

The Election will take place on Oct. 14.

Municipal Election


It will be a two-man race for mayor as incumbent Lee Pratt will face former councillor Wayne Price.

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In city council, four incumbents are running again. This includes Norma Blissett, Wesly Graham, Mike Peabody and Ron Popoff.

Former mayor Wayne Stetski is also running for council.

Newcomers, Lynette Wray and Jeremy Youngward are also in the running.


Incumbent Don McCormick is running unopposed for mayor.

City council will likely see a lot of new faces. The only incumbents are Sandra Roberts and Jason McBain.

Newcomers include Sue Cairns, Kevin Dunnebacke, Craig Janzen, Woody Maguire, Steven Royer and Andrew Skaien.

Six councillors will get elected.


Two mayoral candidates in Fernie, as incumbent Ange Quaizza is facing Nic Milligan.

There are 15 candidates for city council. Incumbents include Kyle Hamilton, Kevin McIsaac and Troy Nixon. Patrick Burke served before 2018.

Tracey Audia Kelly, Blaine Fabi, Spencer Gough, Bob Langfield, Jonathan MacGregor, April Montague, Jesse Mould, Harsh Ramadass, Ted Shoesmith, Dean Runzer and Zuzana Simpson are also in the running.

Six councillors will get elected.


Incumbent David Wilks is running again. He will be up against Hungry Baytaluke.

For council, incumbents John Baher, Amy Cardozo, Jason Christensen and Sonny Saad are running again.

Ralph Lovatt, Steven Kallies, Sam Atwal, Rose Sharma and Chris Nand are also running.

Six councillors will get elected.


Former councillors Mandy McGregor and Steve Fairbairn are running for Mayor.

Incumbents Len Gostick and Duncan McDonald are running for city council again.

There are also five newcomers in Jason Meldrum, Bert Schalekamp, Paul McGinnis, Tathlina Lovlin and Shawna Bryant.


Incumbent Al Miller is running unppposed for mayor.

There are five city council nominees, which include Kayja Becker, Jack Caldbick, Mark Topliff, Gerry Taft and Theresa Wood.

Radium Hot Springs:

Mike Gray and Brad Lawrence are running for mayor.

Incumbent Dale Shudra is running for council. Newcomers Bob Campell, Carey Collin, Christi Ferguson-Huston and Erin Palashniuk are also running.

Four will get elected.

Canal Flats:

Mark Doherty is running against Doug McCutcheon for mayor.

For city council, Incumbent Bill Lake will run against newcomers, Denis Babin, Allan Gauthier, Anora Kobza, Cody McKersie, Jennifer Noble, Patricia Reed and Justin Stanbury.

Four will be elected.

Regional District

Three people are running for RDEK Electoral Area A director. That is Hungry Baytaluke, Thomas McDonald and Lee-Anne Walker.

Only one person is running for Area B, C and F. They are Stan Doehle, Rob Gay, and Susan E Clovechok.

Nowell Berg and Jane Walter are running for Area E.

Roberta Schnider and Stephanie Stevens are running for Area G.

School Trustee

Nine trustees will be elected for Kootenay/Columbia.

Incumbents Kristin Ali, Catherine Zaitsoff, Terry Hanik, Mark Wilson, Gordon Smith, Darrel Ganzert and Stephen Piccolo are running. So is newcomer Gavin Fox and Darilyn Simister.

Southeast Kootenay has Nicole Heckendorf, Sam Atwal, Hungry Baytaluke, Bev Bellina, Cheryl Christensen, Sarah Madsen, Trina Ayling, Irene Bischler, Alysha Clark, Stan Chung, Chris Johns, Doug McPhee and Wendy Turner running.

In the Rockey Mountain school district.

Jane Fearing, Scott King, Rhonda Smith/Hamilton, Donna Andrews, Betty Lou Barrett, Roxanne McIntosh, Ronald McRae, Darryl Oakley, Sandra Smaill, Matthew Chapman, Ryan Stimming, Amber Byklum and Jane Thurgood Sagal are running.

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