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Cranbrook Politicians Praise Rob Morrison’s Victory

Cranbrook Mayor Lee Pratt made an appearance at Rob Morrison’s campaign victory celebration at The Fire Hall and gave his commendations.

Pratt spoke of his long-time support for Morrison after he declared victory in the riding.

“I supported Rob right from day one,” said Pratt. “I didn’t get too involved in the mechanics of the campaign, but I introduced him to a lot of people that supported him. I think it’s great that now we have an MP, an MLA, and a Mayor of the City of Cranbrook that all like each other.”

Pratt ran against Wayne Stetski, now former Kootenay-Columbia NDP MP. for the mayoral position in 2014 and won. He feels Morrison will be a better fit than Stetski for representing the people on a federal level.

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“I think Morrison is going to be more in touch with the people rather than being about himself, he listens to people and he’s genuine,” Pratt said to “He’s really concerned with the people and what they want. It’s not about him, it’s about what the riding wants.”

City councillor Wesly Graham, who also acted as Morrison’s campaign manager praised the work of the people that helped along in the election. Throughout the evening, Graham rushed his way around the crowded building, speaking with supporters, checking results, and taking phone calls.

“It’s been a busy campaign, making sure our folks are being engaged and making sure that we weren’t leaving anybody by the wayside,” Graham said. “I wanted to celebrate our folks for the time they put in and the volunteer hours because without volunteers we could not do this.”

There’s still plenty to do, and Graham’s work with Morrison is not done yet.

“Priority number one is making sure that Rob is engaged in the issues that are coming forward,” said Graham. “So it’s making sure Rob is fully briefed and representing us to make sure that our voices are being heard at a federal level.”

Graham added that those involved in the campaign worked hard to ensure Morrison made his way to communities around the riding.

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