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Elkford bike park construction site targeted by vandals

Wednesday’s groundbreaking ceremony of Elkford’s new bike park was disrupted by vandalism discovered at the construction site.

District of Elkford officials said the vandalism means some of the funding the Biking Club intended to use to build the park will need to be diverted to pay for repairs.

“Over the last two years, these dedicated volunteers spent countless hours of their own personal time working to bring a dirt jump park to Elkford for all to enjoy,” said officials. “Every dollar that was raised is accounted for by the cost of constructing this park, and now some of those precious dollars are being allocated to repairing damage caused by senseless vandalism.”

Staff notes that vandalism has been an ongoing issue in the community.

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“In the past couple of years, we have received numerous reports of vandalism to our playgrounds and Devonian concession, some with damage totalling thousands of dollars,” said district officials. “Whether or not these incidents are related, we’re asking for the community’s cooperation and assistance in putting a stop to this for good.”

Staff ask parents to talk to their kids and residents are asked to remember to be respectful.

“Residents, take a good hard look at what it means to live in a small town like Elkford, where everyone knows their neighbours and shares a sense of pride in belonging to a community where people help each other,” said staff. “And visitors, please ask yourselves if you’d choose to behave like this in your own hometown.”

The district said additional information was sent in, and officials feel optimistic that no further vandalism issues will arise.

“We look forward to seeing this project completed and seeing you all out enjoying the new bike park,” said staff. “Thank you all for caring about our community!”

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