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Community profiles for Elk Valley published

Community profiles for Sparwood, Fernie and Elkford and the Elk Valley as a whole have been published.

According to the Elk Valley Economic Initiative (EVEI), the profiles can be used by local community groups, businesses and individuals to help attract more workers and investment.

The profiles are meant to highlight positive aspects of the Elk Valley communities.

“Each section of the profiles contains relevant data and information to assist local businesses and potential long-term residents to begin a career here,” said EVEI officials.

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“I designed the profiles with a focus on workforce attraction to help local businesses. They were originally slated to be investment profiles, and while the documents include all relevant information for investment attraction, the business retention & expansion data provided by local businesses showed we need to focus on workforce attraction and housing first,” said EVEI representative Taylor Jenkins.

EVEI officials hope their work can be used to help better address issues impacting the entire Elk Valley.

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