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Election sign limit implemented along Cranbrook’s Highway 3/95 Corridor

A limit of 20 election signs has been implemented along Cranbrook’s Highway 3/95 Corridor ahead of the 2022 general municipal election.

This comes after city council adopted changes to the community’s sign bylaw during Monday night’s meeting.

The bylaw arose from efforts to reduce clutter and improve sightlines along the road during election campaigning.

This amended bylaw imposes a 20 sign limit per candidate running for any elected position, including federal, provincial, municipal and school district candidates.

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“In past municipal, provincial and federal elections the highway corridor was cluttered with candidate election signs,” said Mayor Lee Pratt. “Residents and visitors commented on how unsightly it was and sometimes difficult to see around when entering at different intersections causing a safety concern for drivers.”

Officials said current restrictions on size, locations and other regulations on election signs will remain unchanged. The new rule will also have no impact on private property owners to place candidate signs on their properties.

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