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ICBC reports slight decrease in Cranbrook accidents

ICBC’s 2021 crash data shows Cranbrook had four fewer accidents than the year prior.

There were 270 crashes in 2021 compared to 274 in 2020.

This however does not include accidents that occur in parking lots or accidents involving parked vehicles.

The area with the most collisions was the intersection of Cranbrook Street North, Theatre Road and Victoria Avenue with 33.

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That was a substantial drop from 2020, with 52 crashes occurring in the same intersection.

Out of the 33 accidents, 13 resulted in casualties. ICBC defines casualty crashes as any accidents resulting in injury or death.

This was also a drop from 17 at that intersection in 2020.

The intersection of 9th Avenue South and King Street West/Van Horne Street North, the intersection of 6th Street North, 6th Street North West and Cranbrook Street North and the intersection of Cranbrook Street North and Willowbrook Drive each had 10 accidents reported.

ICBC noted that crash location information is self-reported and cannot always be verified.

You can visit the link below for more information on local accidents.

MORE: ICBC Crash Data (ICBC)


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