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Cranbrook RCMP Warn of Impersonation Scam

Cranbrook RCMP have received a report of a scam phone call in which the caller claimed to be a member of the local police force.

RCMP Sgt. Barry Graham said this one is different from the usual scam reports.

“The person represented themself to be a Cranbrook RCMP officer and directed the recipient to meet them at another location. Which is different from the usual request for e-transfers or deposits, so we’re concerned with that one,” said Graham.

According to Cranbrook Police, the scammer told the recipient of the call they had outstanding fines or taxes and will make a request to meet in person.

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Graham added that the caller used caller ID spoofing to display ‘Cranbrook RCMP’ on the recipient’s phone to lead them to believe it was an authentic call.

“We are concerned about what will happen if someone were to go and meet them at a different location,” Graham said. “These callers are usually very convincing when it comes to the fines and the arrest authority. We’re troubled by the fact that there’s a personal component to this.”

The RCMP said they currently do not know the intentions of the caller.

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