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Baby mountain goat rescued by Kimberley resident and friends

A morning fishing trip up the St. Mary River between a Kimberley man and his friends from England was quickly sidelined by an unexpected rescue.

James Archibald says they were driving around a corner when they spotted a couple of mountain goats on the road.

“We knew the goats would be there. More often than not in the morning, you can see them licking the rocks on the road,” Archibald says.

“We cautiously went around that corner and saw a mama with her kid and their natural instinct is to dart up the cliff face.”

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He says the goats only made it about halfway up the cliff face and something seemed wrong.

“Without a moment to spare, me in flip-flops and my buddy Martin who’s visiting here from England started up that cliff face,” he adds.

“We made it up about 80 to 100 feet and sure as heck we saw this poor little baby goat upside down stuck in this crevice.”

Archibald says they had to be careful of the mother while trying to rescue the baby.

“I think she was playing a little bit dead and she sort of had a weird glare to her eye,” he says.

“Mama wasn’t too far away. I thought she was going to ram us so I had my eye on her while trying to film the whole thing.”

His friend was able to pull the goat out of the crevice before it scurried up the cliffside and reunited with its mother.

Archibald says it was a cool experience for his friend who had wanted to get close to nature while visiting Canada.

“My friend wanted to see nature, but I don’t think he ever expected to get that close to nature here in the Canadian mountains.”

The pair has received a lot of praise and attention after posting a video of the rescue on social media.


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