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Sparwood Search and Rescue save two injured cyclists in weekend incidents

Sparwood Search and Rescue (SAR) crews were called out twice over the weekend to recover injured cyclists in two separate incidents in the Bull River Valley.

Officials with Sparwood SAR said the first incident happened late on Friday when a cyclist suffered multiple injuries after crashing on a rocky section of road.

Crews were sent out after the cyclist activated his SPOT satellite messenger.

Sparwood SAR officials said a team from Cranbrook SAR drove in as well to provide support, since the call came in late at night, and road access from the Elk Valley is still snowed in.

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The injured man was later brought to an awaiting ambulance.

The second call came in on Sunday afternoon. SAR officials said a cyclist had his can of bear spray accidentally set off while he was riding.  This disoriented the man and caused him to crash into a rock, leading to multiple injuries.

The man activated his SPOT device to call for help, Sparwood SAR members had support from Ascent Helicopters Ltd. to locate the man.

He was air-lifted out to an awaiting ambulance.

“These incidents highlight the importance of carrying a satellite communication/distress alerting device in the backcountry,” said Sparwood SAR officials. “If the subjects hadn’t been, rescue would have been a long way off as there is no cell service to speak of in that area.”

SAR officials said this is also a good reminder that bear spray is an important tool to keep on you when you explore the wilderness, but you should check that the safety clip is firmly in place.

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