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Cranbrook to shed some light on city’s industrial area

The City of Cranbrook is looking to install a number of new street lights in the community’s industrial park.

Mayor Lee Pratt said more lights are needed, as that part of town has seen significant development in recent years.

“The industrial park had a number of empty lots for a number of years, but it is all developed now. With the experiences we’ve been having with some breaking and entering, we’ve decided we should put some new lighting in there,” said Pratt.

City staff said the review focused on industrial roads F, F1, F and G.

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According to the mayor, the lights would cost between $0 to $800 each.

“It was 20 lights, and we’re looking at a cost of about $20,000 and it would depend on BC Hydro what kind of infrastructure they would put in,” said Pratt.

According to city officials, the lights would $18.76 per month to run a dim light or $23.74 per month for a bright one.

City staff will submit a request to BC Hydro to confirm costs and which poles can be upgraded with lights.

It should take BC Hydro 60 to 90 days to prove an estimate after Cranbrook’s request is submitted.

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