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Cranbrook to host pair of public hearings

Cranbrook’s June 13th council meeting will have time for residents to have their say about a pair of housing developments, one on 6th Street Northwest and another along Echo Field Road.

City officials said zoning amendments for the planned Echo Field Road development passed the second reading on Monday night.

The changes would allow the construction of about 582 housing units.

“There’s some mixed-use residential, some fourplexes, single-family homes, duplexes and some medium-density apartments,” said Mayor Lee Pratt.

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Pratt said the infrastructure is there, but the city is considering making the upgrades bigger than they need to be for just this development.

“If we do that, we pay for it, and any latecomers would pay to hook up to that. It makes sense for the city to pay for the oversizing for future development so the pipes can handle the capacity. Otherwise, you would have to come back and dig it up and redo it,” said Pratt. “The pipes go in the ground and last for 100 years, so it makes sense to put that cost in now.”

Pratt said using bigger piping would not have a substantial impact on infrastructure costs, as the infrastructure would have to be added in either way.

On 6th Street Northwest, the developer is looking to add a few more lots to the existing subdivision.

They are asking for a zoning amendment that would change the property from Park/Institutional/Recreation to low-density residential.

Residents living near those properties will be sent a notice for the public hearing before the June 13th meeting.

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