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Kimberley Seeing Plenty of Development in 2019

The City of Kimberley had a successful year so far in terms of construction projects, according to Mayor Don McCormick.

As of the end of September of 2019, building permits in the city were valued at around $27,000,000, nearly double the revenue from building permits issued in the whole of 2018.

“The fact is that people want to live in Kimberley and our population continues to grow,” said McCormick. “We’re seeing investments, not only in housing but in other aspects of supporting that increased population.”

According to Kimberley’s Chief Administrative Officer Scott Sommerville, the town’s population was at 7,425  in 2016, as opposed to 8,025 in 2019, which represents a 2.69% growth rate per year between those years.

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“It’s not one thing, it’s really across the board,” McCormick said. “It’s a cross-section of different building types going on at the same time. which is a really healthy indicator that the community is driven not just by one thing, but it’s a multifaceted experience that’s going on here now.”

Mayor McCormick expressed his enthusiasm for the high value and volume of building permits.

“To do $30,000,000 in building permits, and the number of building permits we have going out is pretty significant for a community our size,” McCormick said to “It’s really an indication of the confidence people have in the community. They’re investing big time.”

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