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Sparwood Launches Vulnerable Persons Registry

A Vulnerable Persons Registry (VPR) has been launched in the District of Sparwood to help give emergency services information about people that may need extra assistance.

Sparwood says the VPR is intended for individuals that have a difficult time caring for themselves due to illness, disability, age, trauma or any other reason.

It adds that the purpose of the program is to give first responders and emergency services quick access to information about someone so they will be able to respond appropriately.

The registry is available to the general public living in Sparwood to allow people to register themselves, or someone who may be unable to do so.

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Sparwood says the program will be updated every two years, however, the data of those under 16 years old will be reviewed annually.

According to the District of Sparwood, forms have been given out, or people can register for free on Sparwood’s website.

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