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Wildsafe asks public to leave fawns alone

With the approach of deer fawning season, WildsafeBC is asking the public to leave baby deer alone.

WildsafeBC officials said doe will often leave their fawns on their own for hours at a time, returning through the day to nurse their young.

They add that baby deer do not have a scent while they still have their spots, to help them hide from predators.

Moving fawn from where you find it can also greatly reduce its chance of survival.

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Fawning season typically runs from mid-May to June, and WildsafeBC staff said people to make sure baby deer are given plenty of space.

If you see a fawn that looks unwell and is making noise, you can report it to the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

Officials warn that attempting to catch a fawn on your own may cause more harm and is illegal without a permit.

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