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Kimberley RCMP warn of scammers impersonating police

Kimberley RCMP is warning residents that scammers have been using their detachment phone number to impersonate local police.

Police said at least one person has been contacted by the call display number 250-427-4811, which is used by the Kimberley RCMP detachment.

Officials said the person was told by the caller that he was being investigated for fraud, and as proof, the caller read the victim’s social insurance number (SIN).

According to police, they do not have access to SIN numbers and their phone number does not appear on call display.

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“If you have any concerns about someone calling and saying they are from the RCMP, tell them you will call the office,” said Kimberley RCMP officials.

If you do get such a call, police say you should hang up and wait at least five minutes before calling the local detachment, as the scammer can keep your line open if they don’t hang up.

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