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Local MP warns of Liberal ‘power grab’

Kootenay-Columbia MP Rob Morrison feels that a motion to temporarily change parliamentary procedures is a way for the Liberal government to have more power in the House of Commons.

Motion 11 would allow ministers temporary power to adjourn until the fall without notice.

“When he [Prime Minister Justin Trudeau] has a right to shut down Parliament, if he does, that’s a bit of a power grab,” said Morrison. 

“I think there are things we should be working on in Parliament, like the cost of living, economic recovery, geopolitical issues abroad. This is not the time for Justin Trudeau to grant himself even more power and hold himself even less accountable.”

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The motion would also allow the government to hold late-night House sittings on any given day.

“The problem, in some cases, is having the support staff required to do that. The cost of having translators and parliamentary staff, security, everything that goes along with keeping Parliament open until midnight is a cost to the taxpayers,” said Morrison. 

“I don’t think this is necessary at all. We could have started two months earlier and we are debating bills and motions. This came right out of the blue., I see no need for this at all.”

More details on the motion itself can be found below.

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