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Cranbrook begins annual mosquito control program

The City of Cranbrook has launched its annual campaign to get in front of a possible bloom in local mosquito populations in the spring and summer.

City staff said contractors have already begun treatment work, targeting the insects in their larval stage. This is done by placing a larvacide into areas where mosquito larvae have been found.

“This larvicide contains a naturally occurring bacterium known as Bti, which targets the mosquito larvae, but does not harm birds, mammals, beneficial insects or amphibians,” said city officials.

Residents are also asked to help out with efforts to control the mosquito population. Cranbrook officials say standing water around your property may provide a habitat for mosquitos to develop, so eliminating it will go a long way.

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Some examples of places where water may pool include outdoor pet dishes, untreated or unmaintained pools or ponds, birdbaths, tarps, boats, tires, clogged gutters, flower pot drainage trays and children’s toys.

City staff said mosquito breeding sites will be monitored and treated throughout the spring and summer.

A mosquito hotline is available at (250) 421-1294 to report potential development sites or to get more details about the mosquito control program.

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