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Cranbrook Firefighters Partner for Natural Gas Emergency Training

Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services and FortisBC are partnering together to provide training to local firefighters in the case of a natural gas emergency.

Launching the partnership, FortisBC provided the firefighters with a mockup natural gas meter for the Fire Department’s training building that can be moved if necessary.

“Most training facilities have gas meter mockups, but they tend to be stationary in nature, so the repeatable training value is limited,” said D’Arcy Kennedy, Training Coordinator with Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services. “Having a meter that can be relocated, allows staff training to become more realistic and relative to the conditions our crews would regularly find in the field.”

The mockup gas meter comes with a riser and shutoff, providing realistic training experience to firefighters, and allowing them to practice shutting off the meter, fire mitigation, and identifying different meter locations.

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“We have a great training facility and this additional aid will help reinforce best practices for our officers and crews when doing daily training,” said Scott Driver, Acting Director of Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services. “Big thanks to FortisBC for this important training aid for our crews.”

The first round of collaborative training sessions is scheduled for spring 2020.

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