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WildSafeBC reminds residents to secure garbage

With the return of spring, WildSafeBC is reminding you to secure your garbage, as bears will be waking up for hibernation in search of an easy meal.

WildSafeBC officials said bear encounters in the community can be avoided by keeping garbage in a hard-to-reach area and cleaning your property of anything that would attract wild animals.

WildSafeBC has several tips for keeping bears out of your garbage:

  • Store waste inside whenever possible.
  • Invest in bear-resistant bins and ensure they are secured to a solid object with a chain or cable.
  • Consider freezing smelly items until collection day.

According to the Wildlife Act, it is illegal to intentionally feed a dangerous animal, or leave attractants out with the intent of feeding them. The act also prohibits people from leaving attractants out where they may be accessible to dangerous animals.

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Fines up to $345 may be imposed if people are found to be feeding wildlife and attracting dangerous animals.

If you are visited by a bear or other dangerous wild animal, WildSafeBC says you should stay inside, call the conservation officer’s RAPP line and find and remove what may have attracted the animal after it leaves.

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