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Load restriction in effect on Cranbrook’s roads

Cranbrook’s streets will be under load restrictions, starting on Friday, to limit damage to the community’s roads that can happen with thawing winter frost.

City officials said all streets within Cranbrook are limited to 70 per cent of legal axle loading, with other streets limited at 50 per cent.

Signage will be posted to help let road users know what streets have which weight limit.

Cranbrook has published a map, indicating main roads that will accommodate 100 per cent of legal axle loading, to allow accommodate continued commercial and industrial deliveries. A link to the map can be found at the end of this article.

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The city, working closely with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, implements the limits based on Road Weather Information System stations. The stations are used to track the frost depth and read strength in the region.

Cranbrook staff said the city intends to align its streets with the same restrictions, including where heavy loads can access the city from industrial or construction work outside of city limits.

“When the frost first comes out of the ground the soils underneath the pavement become very saturated and unstable, which can quickly lead to significant pavement damage and unsafe road conditions from heavy loads. We’ve had this occur a few times over the past several years and we want to be as proactive as possible to protect our roads,” says Mike Matejka, Manager of Roads & Infrastructure.

Applications can be made for an overload or oversize permit through the City on a single load basis. This is not intended to be a continuous industry use permit.

More: City Road Load Restrictions Map (City of Cranbrook)

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