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B.C. Food Banks to receive eggs-tremely large donation

50,000 eggs are being donated to B.C.’s food banks in 2022, thanks to an agreement between BC Egg and Food Banks BC.

BC Egg officials said this agreement is the first of its kind between an agriculture organization and Food Banks BC.

“Food banks have seen a huge increase in the number of people needing their services during the pandemic,” said BC Egg’s Chair Gunta Vitins. “Over the past two years, we donated approximately $750,000 worth of eggs. This year, we wanted to formalize our relationship and be able to provide the food banks with a regular and steady supply of eggs.”

The organization noted that eggs are among the top requested perishable items.

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“This extraordinary donation means that more vulnerable British Columbians will have access to a healthy, nutritional food source,” said Dan Huang-Taylor, Executive Director of Food Banks BC. “Eggs are one of the most needed items at food banks, so we are deeply grateful to BC Eggs for the support they are providing to our 102 member agencies across the province.”

Officials said organizations will also work together to provide volunteer opportunities to farmers and promote the generation of both food and monetary donations to food banks across B.C.

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