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Virtual open house to be scheduled for Shadow Mountain residents

A virtual open house will take place for Shadow Mountain property owners to discuss options for a Local Area Service for a sanitary sewer connection to the City of Cranbrook’s sewer collection system.

When the development was created over 10 years ago, it was envisioned that a developer would initiate the construction of the sewer works.

City of Cranbrook staff said the land has been sold to multiple developers and owners, but the sewer system was never completed.

City staff said the issue needs to be addressed now.

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“We have been undertaking conversations and meeting with the developers and owners on this proposed project,” says Curtis Penson, Manager of Engineering and Field Services with the City of Cranbrook.

“Holding an open house is important to inform owners of the latest cost estimate, design work and to get feedback of the local area service to potential incorporation in the Local Areas Service petition.”
The estimated current cost of the project is $8.7 million.

More information below:

MORE: LAS Open House (City of Cranbrook)

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