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City of Cranbrook Wraps Up 2019 Capital Roads Program

Downtown Cranbrook’s construction crews recently completed another project as part of the City of Cranbrook’s 2019 Capital Works Program.

The City says sewer pipes in the downtown area have been relined using a relatively new process known as Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP). The process uses air pressure to blow a flexible resin-filled liner onto deteriorating clay tile pipes.

According to the city, there are several benefits to using this method over digging up and replacing pipes.

“The cost savings can be significant compared to conventional excavation and removal and replacement of existing pipe and road surface”, said Mike Matejka, Manager of Infrastructure Planning & Delivery. “Secondly, the process is around 10 times faster than conventional pipe replacement, which reduces the disruption to traffic and disruption to residents and businesses.”

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Not all old pipes are suitable for relining, however, the City says when it’s done properly, the process can renew the lifespan of the pipe up to 100 years.

It adds that it can also reduce groundwater infiltration into the sewer system, which will also reduce downstream treatment costs.

According to the City of Cranbrook, it completed six other major capital projects before the end of September, costing an estimated $4.6 million.

These projects include water main replacement, new sidewalks, storm sewer upgrades, improved intersection safety, and road resurfacing.

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