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B.C. residents will be able to return milk cartons for refund

Containers for milk and milk substitutes will be accepted for a 10 cent refund in B.C. starting on Feb. 1st.

Officials with the Provincial Government said the move will help divert usable materials that would otherwise go to waste.

“Shifting milk containers to the deposit-refund system will capture the millions of additional plastic and fibre-based containers that were otherwise being thrown out, such as those from restaurants, schools and offices that did not have access to the residential recycling system,” said the B.C. government.

When you buy an eligible container, you will be charged a 10 cent deposit, which will be refunded when you return it.

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You will have to clean and rinse any container you intend on returning. Only those purchased on or after Feb 1st will be accepted for the deposit-refund program.

The containers should not be placed into residential recycling.

Provincial officials encourage residents to continue recycling containers that are not being collected by the deposit-refund system, such as infant formula, meal replacement, coffee cream, whipping cream, buttermilk or drinkable yogurt through other means.

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