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Conservation officers tracking young moose spotted in Cranbrook

Conservation officers in Cranbrook are keeping tabs on a young moose that has been spotted roaming through town.

Local CO Reiker Krenz said the animal is slowly moving out of the city after several heavy snow dumps hit the region.

“It has been making its way towards the edge of town. Right now, with the heavy snowfall in the East Kootenay area, a lot of animals have been coming into town just to seek refuge from the snow,” explained Krenz. “It’s not out of the ordinary, but I understand that it isn’t typical to see a moose inside of Cranbrook.”

Krenz said he is hopeful that the young male moose will return to its natural habitat as the weather improves.

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So far, the yearling has been seen alone.

“It has been weaned off its mother. We’re not sure where the mom is at the moment, but we have been monitoring its location as it has been making its way through town,” explained Krenz.

Krenz said dog owners should keep their pets on a leash, to keep them from chasing the moose. He added some advice for residents who spot the animal.

“A call to the RAPP line isn’t necessary, but if you notice any injuries or dogs chasing this moose, that is definitely something we want to know about. You can call us at the RAPP line for that,” explained Krenz.

Some typical strategies for relocating animals do not always work, however.

“Any kind of way of hazing the animal or immobilizing it with drugs may not always be the best situation, especially depending on the time of year. As of right now, there is no public safety concern with this moose, and it has been travelling towards the edge of town,” said Krenz. “If anything changes where we would require action, we are willing to do so, but I think the best option for right now is just monitoring and hoping that it will make its way out of town.”

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