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Local skier returns home

Zoe Chore has returned home after winning bronze and silver in skicross in Switzerland.

She said it was a lot of fun and the race was at a good time.

“I had a really good result in Switzerland, we had a night race there so it was really nice that it was during the day back home,” added Chore.

“I had a lot of fun racing and it was a very technical start section which I enjoyed and it just played in my favour and worked out well.”

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Chore explained that skicross is a little different than other races.

“Four people start all at the same time and we have bank turns, rollers and jumps and it’s the fastest two to the bottom make it through to the next round until you get to the final round.”

She said an average course takes about a minute to complete but this one was only around 30 seconds.

Chore added that they research the course well before the race so they know what to expect even if they don’t get much practice time.

“We visualize the course a lot before we actually get on it, so you might not have skied it a tonne, but you have a good idea of what to expect around each turn and what to do off the jumps or rollers.”

Chore will be headed to Whisler for more training.

Below is her full interview with Dennis Walker.

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