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Sparwood seeking proposals for Centennial Plaza renovations

The District of Sparwood is seeking contractors to help revitalize Centennial Plaza.

Mayor David Wilks said the request for proposal (RFP) gives a chance for qualified companies to show what they can do to get the project done.

“We’re sending out to RFP to find those applicable companies that may be able to help us out this coming spring and summer to get this done. We will try to get some of it done with our public works people, but they have lots to do as it is,” said Wilks.

Once finished, the revitalized plaza will feature a monument dedicated to local coal miners, a firepit, a multi-use event space and a number of other amenities.

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The park has remained largely the same since 1970 before the district council first started to consider redesigning the outdated park in July of 2019. The initial concept designs were unveiled to the public in December of that year.

Residents rejected the first designs and the park was sent back to the drawing board.

When the COVID-19 pandemic became a pressing concern in B.C., the project was shelved before resurfacing with a new design in March of 2021.

This design was also rejected, with the public noting that the concept did not offer enough parking, and Sparwood officials sent it back to redesign once again.

A final design with an estimated cost of $2.2-million was chosen on May 4, 2021, after a long discussion during that evening’s council meeting.

“It’s been a long, arduous process but that’s good, that’s democracy at work. The people want to hear about it and try to get it right,” said Wilks. “We’re never going to get something that’s perfect, but we think we’ve come to a pretty good compromise with most of the businesses within Centennial Square.”

Wilks said he hopes the reconstruction work will be finished by the fall of 2022.

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