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Cranbrook Eagles Boxing Club raises over $15,000 despite reduced crowd

Even with a reduced audience, the Cranbrook Eagles Boxing Club raised around $15,500 to help people in the community.

Coach Tom White said COVID-19 regulations limited attendance this year.

“This year we had to do a very scaled-down version by about a third of what normally have. We raised between $30-$40,000 consistently for the last six to seven years. This year, because the attendance was cut in half and we had to deal with the vaccination protocols, we had 130 people versus 330 people,” said White. “We still managed to raise about $18,000 and after some expenses, we’re going to be dolling out about $15,500.”

Some of the money will be used to directly help several people in need, while the fate of the rest is up for discussion.

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“There are some people in the community that have some health issues they’re dealing with. We’re going to help them out with their expenses,” explained White. “We’ll have a kind of committee meeting with our members and we’ll decide where the rest of the money is handed out.”

White said the event was close to being cancelled, but a doctor joined in as a volunteer last-minute.

“We kept pushing our deadline for being able to put on the show because we were unable to find a doctor and then last minute, Dr. Paul Kahlke stepped up to the plate. So I wanted to give a very big thank you to him,” said White.

White also extended his thanks to Daniel Weins, a nurse who helped out, along with the participants and everyone who attended.

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