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Kootenay East Whitecaps Academy gets new head coach

Will Feria from Calgary will serve as Head Coach of the Kootenay East Whitecaps Academy and as Technical Director for the Kootenay East Youth Soccer Association.

In an Interview with Dennis Walker, Feria said one of his main goals is to get kids back in soccer after the pandemic.

“They’ve come from a time where their daily routine has been obstructed by this strange time that we’ve been in and sports has been taken away and I know a lot of players have dropped out,” said Feria.

“I think in this short time really my objectives to help and rebuild the Whitecaps Academy and get players back on board.

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Feria said the Whitecaps have a style of play and coaching they expect from him, but he will also put his own spin on things.

“There’s certainly a model and a style of play we want to pass on to the players. Everything from player habits to team shape, a lot of that come later on but for the younger players it’s a lot of player habits.”

“What the Whitecaps really look for in coaches is how do individual coaches add their own spin to it, how do they breathe their own life into the programs they run,” added Feria.

“There’s definitely a model I have to follow but at the same time they’ve given me the freedom to add my own spin to things.”

Feria also said the indoor facilities compare to what he’s seen in Calgary and other communities.

According to Feria, now is a great time to be a young soccer player with many Canadians to look up to.

“What a time to be a young player honestly, the amount of incredible inspiration you’re seeing from the men’s team and the women’s team, I think it’s going to bring a lot of  players into the game”

“If I was a young player growing up and I’m seeing my heroes on the television achieving what they’re achieving, not just with the national team, but there’s also a lot of buzz around the whitecaps really close to clinching a spot in the playoffs. There are lots to look up to.”

One of the things Feria wants to bring to soccer in Cranbrook is the necessity of fun, but with competitivity built-in.

“One of the keys we try to pass on to young players in the Whitecaps is we want to keep all the activities as fun as possible but also competitive, because naturally in the game, especially when you get to older age groups, your always competing,” added Feria.

“You have to enjoy the game first and foremost, you have to have a love and passion for what you do, but at the same time making sure the players have an eagerness to learn and are still remaining competitive to improve themselves and get better each time.”

Dennis Walker’s full interview with Will Feria

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