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Kimberley RCMP quarterly report shows decline in calls to police

A noticeable decrease in mental health related calls was also noted in the quarterly report that spans from July to September.

Sgt. Steve Woodcox, detachment commander for the Kimberley RCMP said mental health calls decreased from 18 last quarter to 10 this quarter.

“That is a very happy thing and I contribute that to some of the clients that we deal with are on a regular basis beginning to call us for daily check-ins,” added Woodcox.

“It may be a matter of talking to someone for five minutes or just being there for someone to talk to. It’s actually making quite a difference for us.”

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Woodcox also attributes the drop in calls to the partnership the Kimberley RCMP has formed with Interior Health.

He said the partnership allows them to have access to a mental health nurse or clinician that can provide further assistance to people who are suffering extreme mental health symptoms.

The assistance can often include home visits or regular contact.

“A couple of quarters ago that was a great concern, right now it’s under control and that’s a very positive thing,” said Woodcox.

There were 12 investigations over the quarter that resulted in criminal charges being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

Woodcox said two unrelated child pornography investigations led to search warrants being executed at two Kimberly residences in the last month.

Woodcox said both individuals were arrested and charged.

“Most of those files come to the Kimberley RCMP through the BC Integrated Child Exploitation Unit. Those investigations are forwarded to us and we begin the investigation from there,” said Woodcox.

“Just to make everyone aware, those types of investigations occur here and anything from the public that can assist in those investigations is appreciated.”

The two individuals are facing charges of possession and distribution of child pornography and will appear in Cranbrook court at a later date.

Woodcox said an incident of road rage occurred, where one individual was left with very serious injuries. That incident resulted in a charge of aggravated assault.

Calls to the RCMP as a whole were down for the quarter compared to last year, with calls for service at 474 compared to 622.

To see the Kimberley RCMP quarterly report in its entirety, visit the link below.

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