WildsafeBC will start tagging garbage bins in Cranbrook and Kimberley if they are left out before collection day.

However, they will be less forgiving than in previous campaigns.

“If my sticker is tagged on your bin, your information has been noted with the City and is most likely in the hands of conservation officers as well,” said Danica Roussy, WildsafeBC Community Coordinator for Cranbrook and Kimberley. “We don’t want that easy target for a hungry bear, which is that garbage placed on a curb. So, for the next month, I’ll be garbage tagging and if you see that sticker on your bin, that is your warning, you don’t get another one.”

Up to September 30th, there were 46 reports of black bears and eight reports of Grizzly bears between Cranbrook and Kimberley. Garbage was reported as the most common attractant connected to bear encounters.

“Bears are in their hyperphagia phase, that means they’re trying to consume quite a bit of calories to prepare for hibernation and that means they are searching for the easiest type of food,” explained Roussy.

According to Roussy, backyard fruit trees and garbage provide bears with easy access to food with a high caloric value.

Leaving out unsecured garbage can net residents a fine of up to $345 from the Conservation Officer Service