Paving will be happening at the Cranbrook Transfer Station over the next few days, closing the Recycle BC Depot.

RDEK officials said the transfer station will remain open and the paving will only affect the recycling centre.

“We have just been notified by the contractor that the paving crew is ready to begin, so the recycling area will be closed Tuesday through Friday,” said Environmental Services Manager, Kevin Paterson.

The RDEK is asking people to hold off on visiting the recycling site until the work is complete.

“Having pavement in the recycling area will improve residents’ access to the bins year-round, as they will no longer have to deal with mud in and around the bins, added Paterson.

“We’ve had great feedback to the paving at our other sites and are excited to see the recycling area in Cranbrook paved this week.”

The RDEK said the paving should be completed overnight on Friday and the recycling area should be reopened by 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 25th.