The RDEK is asking for input from people working in the tourism and hospitality sector regarding rural housing needs.

“As part of the Housing Needs Assessment project, we are collecting specific information on the housing needs of workers in the tourism and hospitality sector to better understand quantity of need and price points and prioritize design elements and locations,” said RDEK Planning Coordinator Karen MacLeod.

“To help capture this important data, we have developed a sector-specific survey and are urging anyone within the tourism and hospitality sector to take part.”

RDEK officials said tourism and hospitality workers have a unique relationship with housing with Seasonal demand fluctuations, direct competition with short-term rentals, and affordability concerns all impacting workers.

According to the RDEK, the study will collect information to inform development patterns, housing policy, and help support workers in the economy.

The Survey is open until September 19th, 2021.

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